When Ice Dams Form on Your Roof

The snow falls. And then some of it melts. And then it freezes again, creating an icy hazard. If it happens on your driveway, you know what to do. Salt. But ever think about your roof? The same thing happens up there. The constant freezing and melting can create ice dams on your roof, which can lead to the following unpleasant outcomes:

What to do? We’d advise that you do not go onto the roof and shovel snow off it yourself. And those big roof rakes can get some of the snow off the roof, but not all of it. So again – what to do?

The Solution – A Roof De-icing System

A roof de-icing system is a system of cables that heats up and prevents the melted snow on your roof from refreezing and forming those harmful ice dams. In addition to helping prevent injuries as well as damage to the roof and inside of your home, these offer a few other benefits.

Final Thoughts

Here are some final things to consider:

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