When you have a complex plumbing project or major plumbing repair, it makes sense for you to call a professional plumber. But not every plumbing project requires a professional. There are some simple projects you can do, such as replacing a shower head. That is the case whether your showerhead is fixed, handheld or both. It shouldn’t take much more than 30 minutes, and you can get a new showerhead for as little as $25. Even nicer ones can be bought for less than $100.

First you need the right tools. Make sure you have a wrench or pair of slip-joint pliers, Teflon tape, and either rust/lime remover or mineral spirits. Here is what you do:

  1. Remove the old head with either the adjustable wrench or pliers. Be careful to only loosen the shower head, not the shower arm that attaches inside the wall.
  2. Using the rust/lime remover or mineral spirits to remove rust, calcification, and other debris from the shower arm.
  3. Dry the arm thoroughly, taking special care around the threads.
  4. Apply the Teflon tape to the threads and press down tightly.
  5. Screw the new shower head in.
  6. Finish tightening with either the wrench or pliers.
  7. Turn on the water and make sure there are no leaks.
  8. If there are leaks, either tighten further or reapply the Teflon tape. If the leak does not stop, you may have a bad shower head.
  9. If everything works, enjoy the new shower head.