While we do not like to alarm our customers, we believe that this notice is important.  Please read it and call us if you have any of these electric panels.

Four electrical panels (the boxes that house your circuit  breakers) are considered out of date or have been involved in a recall.  They are:

If your house has any of these panels, please call us immediately to replace it.  These panels are fire hazards.  Also, if you do not replace them your insurance company could cancel coverage.

 Additionally, even if you do not have one of these circuit breaker panels, you may want to consider replacing yours based on the following 10 signs.

  1. Age of existing panel. As with any other piece of home mechanical equipment, old panels should be replaced with improved and safer equipment.  Circuit breaker panels can last 25 to 40 years.  If yours is older, you should consider replacing it even if none of the other signs are present.  Why wait for something to go wrong?
  2. You have fuses – not circuit breakers. If your panel has fuses, you really need to upgrade to one that uses circuit breakers.  Fuse boxes are not as safe, and some insurance companies will penalize you if you use fuse boxes.
  3. Increased demand. Your circuit breaker panel may be outdated for any of the following reasons:
    1. You are remodeling and need extra outlets.
    2. You are not remodeling, but you still need to install more outlets because you utilize multiple power strips to meet your needs.
    3. You are adding multiple appliances or electronics that use a lot of electricity.
  4. Your breakers are tripping frequently. This may be a sign your panel can no longer handle the loads connected and that you need additional circuit capacity, exceeding your existing outdated equipment.
  5. Flickering lights. Your light bulbs should not dim unless there is an outage, or the bulb is loose.  If your lights flicker or dim when turning on an appliance, that may be a sign that wires are loose, or damage is occurring internally in the panel.
  6. Burning odor. If you are smelling a burning odor from your circuit breaker panel, that is a serious issue as you are at risk of the panel overheating and catching fire.  Have this checked immediately.
  7. Burn marks. If you notice burn marks or black spots on your panel, that is another sign your panel may not be operating properly and needs to be inspected or replaced.
  8. If your panel is warm or hot to the touch, that is another sign you may need the panel inspected or replaced.
  9. Strange noises. Crackling, sizzling, hissing, and popping sounds coming from your panel can be a sign of loose wires or damaged components.  This is another fire hazard, as loose wires can create sparks.
  10. Rust and corrosion. Rust and corrosion on wires, cables, circuit breakers, screws, doors and other parts are an indication you may need a new control circuit breaker panel.

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