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Remote Back-up Generator Monitoring

Remote Back-up Generator Monitoring

Having a back-up generator is a smart move, especially given the heavy rains and thunderstorms we can experience, as well as the intermittent power outages “just because.”

It’s also smart to maintain that unit, just like you maintain your furnace or AC. The problem is, if something bad happens to your generator when it isn’t running, you won’t know it. And when you need it and it fails, it’s too late. That’s why it makes sense to have the professionals who maintain your back-up also monitor it.

Here’s how it works. The remote monitoring system mounts to your unit. It then connects wirelessly to the people monitoring it. They monitor key diagnostics, and if they see a problem, they can address it to make sure your generator operates when you need it to. The key benefit, obviously, is that your unit is being monitored 24/7/365, and you don’t have to worry about doing it.

A quality remote monitoring system monitors the following:

  • Battery voltage
  • Fuel status
  • Coolant status
  • Missed exercise
  • Alarms

Note that many back-up generators come with optional remote monitoring systems. But if you already have a generator that does not have such a system, there are products out there that are compatible with every major back-up generator brand.

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