A few months ago, we provided some tips on buying a new refrigerator.  Whether your refrigerator is brand new or a few years old, there are some refrigerator maintenance tips you will want to do to improve its efficiency and extend its life.

Improving Your Refrigerator’s Efficiency

  1. Keep your refrigerator away from heat sources such as heat vents, the stove, and the dishwasher.  Also keep it away from direct sunlight.  Avoiding hot temperatures will reduce compressor usage, saving energy.
  2. Let leftovers cool to room temperature and then wrap or cover them tightly before putting them in the refrigerator.  This also reduces compressor usage.
  3. If you have an in-door water and ice dispenser, use that instead of opening the refrigerator or freezer.
  4. Keep the refrigerator temperature settings between 36- and 38-degrees Fahrenheit, and the freezer between 0- and 5-degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Keep your refrigerator organized.  The less time you spend looking for items, the less time the fridge doors are open letting out cold air.

Increasing Your Refrigerator’s Life Span

  1. Do not use scratch-causing abrasives when cleaning drawers, shelves, and handles.  Wiping with a soft cloth, a mild detergent and baking soda should do the trick.
  2. A full refrigerator operates efficiently; a crammed one doesn’t.  Make sure there is enough space for good air circulation.
  3. Clean the door seals regularly with soap and water to eliminate dirt and grime that prevent proper sealing.  If you slide a piece of paper in the closed refrigerator door and it falls out, it is time for new seals.
  4. Wipe the inside of the refrigerator with white vinegar to prevent growth of mold and mildew.  After applying the vinegar, wipe and dry the surfaces.
  5. Clean the refrigerator coils.  Your owner’s manual can help you locate the coils.  Be sure to unplug the refrigerator before cleaning.

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