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What Are Rain Showerheads?

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  • Date: February 1, 2022
What Are Rain Showerheads?

Rain showerheads have become extremely popular. Not only are they functional and relaxing, but their look can add style and elegance to your bathroom.

Rain showerheads are showerheads that let the water trickle down, just like in a rain shower. They create a calm and relaxing feeling. And if you still prefer the rush of a standard showerhead, your shower can include both.

Here is what you need to know about rain showerheads.


Rain showerheads can either be mounted on the wall using a shower arm (perhaps adjacent to a standard showerhead) or recessed in the ceiling. Of course, if it is recessed in the ceiling, you won’t need to hold a shower arm. 

Size and Shape

Showerheads ranging from eight inches to 16 inches are preferred for small- to medium-sized bathrooms. Round and square-shaped showerheads work best for small- and medium-sized bathrooms.

Large bathrooms can handle showerheads as large as 40 inches.  These showerheads may also include a waterfall option, which provides a larger surface area and stream of water. Choose a rectangular showerhead for a larger bathroom.

Pressure and Water Coverage

Pressure is a function of size. The smaller the showerhead, the greater the pressure. Given that the purpose of a rainfall showerhead is to provide a calm flow, you should get the largest sized showerhead appropriate for your shower. 


Showerheads come in plastic or metal.

  • Plastic showerheads will be less expensive. But they can crack easily, and mold and bacteria can grow inside the nozzle.
  • And there is a greater likelihood they will collect bacteria inside the nozzle.
  • Metal showerheads are sturdier, more durable, and resistant to rush. While more expensive, they are preferred if you can afford it.


Chrome finishes are the most popular because they blend in with all types of décors in addition to providing a contemporary and modern touch. Other options include:

  • Oil-rubbed bronze. These create a bold look, but you would want all your other fixtures to also have that finish.
  • Antiques brass. The aged look provides a nice antique touch.
  • Gold finish. This finish will provide a rich and sophisticated look.

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