As the weather heats up, it’s time for that age-old dispute to surface.  No, not White Sox vs. Cubs.  Or whether you should put ketchup on your hot dog.  We are talking about propane vs. natural gas for your grill.


Our thoughts – it depends.  But here are a few things to consider.


  1. Most people think there is no difference in the taste, but that is not unanimous.  Propane fans believe food grilled on a propane grill tastes better because the food grills hotter.  These people also maintain the odor emitted from natural gas grills impacts taste.  On the other hand, people who prefer natural gas claim natural gas has a “dry” heat that provides a better char and smoky flavor.
  2. There are two components to cost.  Initial cost and ongoing cost.
    1. Initial cost. If you have a natural gas line already run to the grill area, the cost to hook it up is minimal.  So is the initial $40 – $50 cost of a propane tank if you go that route.  Big expense comes into play if you need to run a natural gas line from inside your home to the natural gas grill.  Expect to spend several hundred dollars or more.
    2. Ongoing cost. Natural gas is generally cheaper than propane.  Expect to pay around $25 or so for each replacement propane tank.
  3. There are a couple of things to consider here as well.
    1. You will never run out of natural gas if you pay your gas bill. On the other hand, propane runs out.  You should always have a second tank in case the first one runs out mid-grill.
    2. If you are doing a long or short road trip, you can take your propane grill almost anywhere that allows grilling. A natural gas grill will obviously require a natural gas hook up.
  4. Environmental impact. Even though it is more expensive, propane burns gas more than twice as efficiently as natural gas as the ports in natural gas grills are wider.  And while neither has a bad carbon footprint, natural gas does burn cleaner.

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