We know the value of annual physicals. A doctor can detect a problem while it’s treatable before it morphs into a serious ailment. Our furnaces, like our bodies, need regular checkups or small problems grow into costly repairs. What are some of the unwanted problems we face when prolonging a furnace repair?

Risk Emergencies

Strange sounds coming from your furnace can indicate a worn part. Waiting to replace that part until the dead of winter when you need to rely on a fully functioning heating system, you risk having no heat while your HVAC professional can obtain and replace the part. A regular maintenance inspection by an HVAC professional can detect and remedy problems before the system fails.

Reduced Efficiency

Dirty or clogged air filters not only affect your health, they also reduce the efficiency of your furnace. The restricted airflow leads to less efficient heating, higher energy costs, and potentially a failure of the system. Cracks in your furnace, loose parts, and dirty burners all contribute to lowering the efficiency of your heating system. Leaky ductwork, too, contributes to a loss of heat and higher fuel bills.

Invalidate Warranties

Manufacturers know that annual maintenance equates to increased HVAC system life. Failing to schedule regular maintenance checks and addressing uncovered issues threaten to invalidate valuable warranties. Manufacturers’ warranties covering parts and contractors’ extended warranties covering parts and labor greatly reduce your repair bills if the warranties remain in effect.

Shorten Lifespan

Neglecting regular maintenance and repairs also shortens the life of your heating system. In general, a furnace should perform well for at least 15 years. But if neglecting a small repair leads to a larger one, one costing 50% or more of a new furnace, you may need to invest in a replacement.

Schedule regular maintenance checks with a licensed HVAC professional and avoid prolonging those furnace repairs to keep your heating system operating efficiently and effectively throughout the winter months.