Our health professionals have all kinds of advice on how to live longer so it’s no surprise that our HVAC professionals have some good tips to help us increase the longevity of our heating systems, particularly our furnaces. Follow the recommendations below to add years to the usefulness of your HVAC system.

Annual Check-up

A properly maintained furnace can effectively heat and cool your home on average 16 to 20 years. An annual maintenance inspection in mid to late autumn by a licensed HVAC professional will catch any issues before they become major problems. This check-up should also include a thorough cleaning of your system as well as a test of the effectiveness of your thermostat and the condition of the ductwork.

A licensed HVAC professional can detect underlying issues before they become visible problems. A proper inspection can surface threats to your family’s health such as a poorly functioning furnace emitting greater levels of dangerous carbon monoxide gas before these issues become severe. Repairing even a small problem may reduce energy bills.

DIY Examination

In between annual check-ups, you should periodically examine your furnace for warning signs of developing problems. Do you see rust on or around your unit? Are parts showing visible indications of wear such as cracks or corrosion? Is your furnace turning on or off more frequently? Your thermostat or furnace may need repairs.

HVAC professionals also recommend changing the furnace filters regularly, at least once each quarter, and more often during the heavy heating or cooling seasons. In addition to the filter system, the blower and heat exchanger need attention. You may decide to tackle cleaning these parts also, but for safety reasons, it’s recommended you leave cleaning the blower and heat exchanger to a professional. Addressing issues by calling an HVAC professional to make needed repairs could extend the life of your unit as well as save you money as you avoid higher utility bills or a costly replacement. 

Listen to the professionals by scheduling an annual exam for your furnace as well as examining the furnace between check-ups. Follow the above tips to extend the life of your unit to 16 or as much as 20 years.