Last month we discussed several methods for opening and maintaining sewer lines.  They included:

This month we discuss three more:

Sewer cleanout is an access point installed in a sewer system to allow access to the system for rodding maintenance. Every home should have at least one cleanout. Most homes in this area have a 4″ diameter sewer line exiting the house which transitions to a 6″ diameter line outside underground. If a 6” cleanout was installed at this transition, it allows us to insert a 6″ diameter cutter to clean the 6″ clay tile sewer line. If the cleanout is in the home, the pipe will have a 3″ diameter plug, so the largest cutter that can be used to clean the sewer is a 3″ cutter. Outside cleanouts are preferred for several reasons:

Preventative rodding maintenance keeps sewer and drain lines open and flowing. Preventative rodding frequency is varied, and is usually determined by historical information. If the customer finds that the sewer typically stops up once a year, then rodding once every 6 to 8 months would be prudent. As time goes by, the problems in the sewer will become worse, requiring more frequent rodding maintenance.

Excavation may be required for several reasons:

Excavations can be performed by hand or with equipment. The decision is based on: