Even though the winter wasn’t too bad, we are all looking forward to the nicer weather and spending more time outdoors. But before you do that, invest a little time and prepare the outside of your home for the warm weather. Here are some spring home maintenance tips.

1. Drain the gas from your snowblower and put it away.
2. Wash the windows. The grass is green. The leaves are on the trees. The flowers are in full bloom. The view will be much nicer with clean windows. Plus, clean windows will make your room brighter, which could let you save money on your electric bills.
3. Repair screens. If you keep your windows open, damaged screens will allow bugs to get in.
4. Inspect your roof. Again, even though the winter was mild, the roof could have been damaged. Replace any missing shingles and call a professional roofer if necessary.
5. Check your gutters. If your gutters are not clear, heavy rains can clog the downspouts and allow water to pool near your foundation, potentially leading to flooding. If you don’t want to go on your roof, hire someone.
6. Grade landscaping so water flows away from your house.
7. Have your sewer line rodded. The final thing you can do to prevent flooding is to have your sewer line rodded.
8. Check your driveway and fix any small cracks that melting and freezing may have caused.
9. Clean your yard. Pick up leaves and other debris that accumulated over the winter. Prune away dead branches. Pull up weeds and crabgrass.
10. Clean debris around your air conditioner condenser so dirt and debris cannot enter it and potentially cause damage.
11. Get your lawn and garden ready. Aerate your lawn. Buy whatever you need to make your outdoor space enjoyable.
12. Check your sprinkler system to make sure it is working properly.
13. Clean your home’s exterior. Use a pressure washer to remove dirt and grime. Do the same for your patio.
14. Get your patio furniture ready. Clean whatever needs to be cleaned.
15. Clean your grill. If you use propane, make sure you have an extra tank.
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