If you own any commercial property that has a parking lot, you know how important proper lighting is for the safety and convenience of your tenants, employees and customers.  Appropriate lighting can also save you money both in terms of energy costs and maintenance.  Here are some thoughts.

Have a Plan

Needs are different.  A shopping mall will have different requirements than an office building, and both will have different needs than an apartment complex.  So create a plan.  One hint – more is not necessarily better.  The overall design, the color of the light, the beam produced by the light, and the style and type of lighting all are important considerations.

Replace Light Fixtures

The typical square pole lights, known as “shoebox lighting” are limited in terms of directional capabilities and provide inefficient lighting.  By comparison, flood-style lighting fixtures can be directed to sidewalks, walkways and other important areas.

Switch from High-Pressure Sodium to Metal Halide Lights

High-pressure sodium lights have a low color rendering, resulting in a dull and “yellowish” look.  Metal halide lights, by contrast, provide a much brighter light, and will dramatically alter the appearance in your parking lot.

Better Yet- Switch to LED Lighting

LED lighting is the preferred type of lighting.  Not only does it provide quality illumination, but it is much more energy efficient, resulting in lower costs. 

Maintain the Lights

Planning and upgrading are important.  But so is maintenance.  Make sure your lights are properly maintained, including cleaning the fixtures to provide greater illumination.