Summer is the best time of year for entertaining family and friends. Pool parties, barbecues, and even indoor celebrations filled with food, drinks, and fun bring happiness and joy. However, many homeowners inadvertently overload their air conditioners during these events, and this can lead to some pretty significant repair bills. Here, you can learn more about overloading your AC unit along with some tips to prevent it.

What Is Air Conditioner Overload?

Air conditioner overload occurs when your air conditioner runs nonstop in an attempt to bring your home down to the temperature you have set your thermostat. Overload is very common during large summertime gatherings as guests (and your family) move in and out through doors. This constant opening and closing of doors will undoubtedly put some stress on your air conditioner, and over time, this can cause it to freeze up or break down. There’s nothing worse than a breakdown during a big summer bash, so it’s important that you do what you can to avoid overload in the first place.

The Best Tips for Avoiding AC Overload During Gatherings

Though there will undoubtedly be a need for guests to go in and out of the house from time to time, there are some things you can do to help minimize the transfer of heat into your home and take some of the strain off your air conditioner. You will find the best of these below.

Parties, gatherings, and dinners are excellent ways to have some social fun in the summer, but they don’t have to lead to your discomfort or an overloaded air conditioner unit. Follow the tips and tricks above to help your guests stay comfortable both indoors and out while protecting your air conditioner from overload.