We rely on big tech corporations like Apple, Google, and Microsoft to provide the latest and greatest technology to keep us connected –  computers, notebooks, and mobile phones – but do we stay abreast of the latest technology in systems that keep us comfortable and environmentally responsible in our own homes?  Here are some of the innovative new technology trends happening now in furnace design.

Smart HVAC Systems

We’ve enjoyed the use of smart thermostats for a few years, taking advantage of the programming feature to automatically set different temperatures for different times of day. But you can install newer version thermostats that allow you to remotely monitor and adjust your air conditioner or heating system from any Internet-enabled device. 

In addition, sensors placed in various components of the HVAC system can alert homeowners to potential issues and remind them to do routine maintenance such as changing the furnace filter.

Intelligent Data-Driven Systems

Sensor technology not only monitors the system’s function, but it can also collect data about the environment and help homeowners optimize their systems’ efficiencies. As we speak, the industry is using data gleaned from HVAC systems to develop technologies able not only to reduce energy consumption but also to alert users to the adjustments needed in the future.

Zoning Systems

Are your rooms cooling and or heating unevenly? You may want to use a zoning system with a “smart vent” or traditional system utilizing new technology. The “smart vent” zoning method relies on smart technology to open and close vents to keep the temperature in each zone in your home at the desired level. 

You may want to consider the traditional zoning method, installing a contractor-approved whole-home zoning system. These systems use a network of dampers and thermostats connected to a zoning panel to direct conditioned air to the desired areas of your home. But with today’s smart technology, you can automate zone dampers, utilize wireless panels, and install smart thermostats for each zone in your house. 

Contractors generally prefer the traditional zoning method, as they are concerned a method relying on the complete closing of vents in the home can potentially damage the HVAC system.

To learn more about these advances in HVAC technology, contact a knowledgeable professional to learn how you can bring your system into the new age of high-tech furnace design.