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How Long Do Things Last?

How Long Do Things Last?

We are frequently asked how long things last.  Here are some general guidelines.  Of course, how long things last is a function of the initial quality of the item purchased, how often the unit or system is operated, how well you maintain the item, and most importantly, the quality of the installation.

Heating and Cooling

Air Conditioners (central) 10-20 years
Air Conditioners (room) 10 years
Air Quality Systems 15 years
Attic Fans 15-25 years
Boilers (electric) 15 years
Boilers (gas) 20-25 years
Dehumidifiers and Humidifiers 8 years
Electric Radiant Heaters 40 years
Furnaces 15-20 years
Heat Exchangers 15-25 years
Heat Pumps 16 years
Heat Recovery Ventilators 20 years
Thermostats 20-30 years

Plumbing (Faucets, Fixtures and Appliances)

Dishwashers 10 years
Faucets 15-20 years
Garbage Disposers 13 years
Shower Heads 20-40 years
Toilets 25-50 years
Sump Pumps 5-10 years
Backup Sump Pump Batteries 3-5 years
Backup Sump Pump Systems 10-15 years
Water heaters (gas or electric)        10-15 years
Water heaters (tankless) 15-25
Whirlpool Tubs 15-20 years

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