Say “high tech” and your friends think you’re talking about cell phones, computers and smart watches, but you could easily be describing innovative plumbing technology. Though not as sexy as an Alexa device or Apple watch, these new products protect your valuables with care. 

Water Monitoring Devices

Most of your water piping system is located inside walls, hidden above ceilings, or tucked under floors. Even a small leak, lurking undetected, can do major damage to your home over time and waste gallons of water, resulting in higher water bills and costly repair projects. Multiple manufacturers offer monitoring devices using ultrasound technology to detect leaks before they do major damage. These products install to the main water line and do not require cutting pipes. Whole house monitoring systems may allow you to remotely shut off the main water supply when leaks are detected.

These monitoring devices send alerts to your mobile phone, informing you of any leaks in real time., Many of these devices are Wi-Fi-enabled using your home service to allow you to receive alerts wherever Wi-Fi is available. In addition to alerts, these devices also monitor your water usage and enable you to make adjustments that conserve water. Better for the environment; better for your wallet.

Hygienic Touchless Fixtures

With all the press about the coronavirus, you are likely more aware of the germs lurking in your home, particularly in the bathroom. Now the industry offers for your home the same touchless technology for sinks and toilets used commercial settings. You can now use these fixtures without touching the toilet to flush or directly touching the faucet to wash your hands, providing a more hygienic solution for your family and guests.

Trenchless Piping Systems

Anyone who suffered a leak, break or blockage in the sewer line knows the messy results – sewage backups into the home, disgusting odors, and spongy, smelly lawns. Previously, plumbing professionals needed to dig large trenches through the yard to discover the location of the problem and to replace the damaged pipe. 

Now, professionals aided with video sewer cameras can pinpoint the location of the breach or leak, visually inspect the buildup of sludge in the line, and determine the level of corrosion in your system without uncovering the sewer pipe. New trenchless piping technology enables plumbing service providers to replace sewer pipes without digging trenches and removing the old pipe. They literally create a new pipe within the old pipe!

Whether you are seeking to protect your home from water leaks, monitor water usage, provide more hygienic bathroom solutions, or replace damaged sewer lines, contact a professional plumbing service like Ravinia to discuss the new technological options available to you.