What are your New Year’s resolutions? If saving money is one of them, we can help. These resolutions related to your HVAC system can not only help you save money, but increase your comfort in your home and keep you healthy.

  1. Maintain your HVAC system. Have both your air conditioning unit and your furnace tuned up once a year. That will make sure your system is running at peak efficiency, can identify small problems before they become big ones, and even can tip you off that it is time to replace your unit.
  2. Change your filters. Changing filters also helps keep your HVAC system operating at peak efficiency, helping both comfort and utility bills. Two “subresolutions”:
    a. Change ¼ inch filters monthly.
    b. Better yet, upgrade your filter to a 4” thick pleated filters. Not only will this type of filter remove more airborne particles, it only needs to be changed twice a year.
  3. Get and use a programmable thermostat. You can preset temperatures based upon time of day to make sure you are comfortable and to keep your utility costs low. With a Wi-Fi thermostat you can adjust the temperature from your mobile phone or tablet.
  4. Be shady. Open the shades in the winter to let the sun shine in and provide some warmth. Keep them closed in the summer to prevent that hot sun from making your home warmer.
  5. Be a fan of fans. “Subresolutions”
    a. Ceiling fans can help keep rooms cool in the summer. But by flipping the switch they can also keep rooms warmer in the winter.
    b. Attic fans are also a necessity, helping to keep the house cooler in the summer.
  6. Keep the vents open. Make sure vents and returns are not blocked by furniture or other items.
  7. Keep your ducts in a row. More “subresolutions”
    a. Check your ducts regularly for leaks. You can repair them with metallic foil tape or have a professional do it.
    b. Have your ducts cleaned. Air will circulate more freely, plus the air will be cleaner, improving your health by enhancing the air quality of your home.
  8. Buy a humidifier to keep the air moist in the winter, and a dehumidifier to remove humidity in the summer.
  9. Here are some more “subresolutions” for improving indoor air quality:
    a. Distribute plants throughout the house.
    b. Clean carpets, rugs and upholstery frequently to remove pet dander, pollen and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  10. Add zoning systems. If your home has multiple levels or if you have family members with different desires for temperature, consider zoning your HVAC system.