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How Wi-Fi Thermostats “Learn”

How Wi-Fi Thermostats “Learn”

You already know the basics of how Wi-Fi – or “smart” – thermostats work. You can pre-set the temperature and modify it via your mobile phone or tablet.  You may not know, though, in addition to these basic features, some Wi-Fi thermostats can “learn” from your behavior and temperature preferences and adjust the temperature based on that. Here are a few ways they “learn.”

  • Algorithmic learning. Thermostats “study” your behavior. For the first weeks, you will regulate the smart thermostat to provide the reference data set. The thermostat can then learn your household’s members’ schedules, at which temperature they are used to, and when. Using built-in sensors and your household’s phones’ locations, the thermostat can shift into energy-saving mode when it realizes nobody is at home to reduce energy costs.
  • Sensing. Some “smart” thermostats can sense when you are home and adjust temperature settings accordingly. They do this through built-in sensors that report back when people are in the home and then make the necessary adjustments.
  • Geofencing. Wi-Fi thermostats with this capability create a virtual fence around your home by using your phone’s GPS. This geofencing will thus recognize when you are at home, and automatically adjust gradually to heat or cool your home.
  • Environmental adjusting. Finally, some “smart” thermostats can sense environmental factors such as humidity or extreme temperature and make adjustments based on that

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