Natural gas prices are expected to rise dramatically this winter.  Already prices are double or more than what they were last year at this time, and people can expect to pay $50 a month or more on their gas bills this winter.  

You already know that a few effective ways to keep your winter heating bills down are by properly maintaining your furnace with an annual tune up, by checking for signs you may need a new furnace, and by installing a Wi-Fi thermostat so you can conveniently adjust the heat.  But here are some things you can do on your own to save money on your energy bill.  

  1. Change your filters.  While we can get your furnace in fine working order, you need to do your part by changing the air filter regularly.  Change 1-inch filters monthly, and larger filters at least twice a year.
  2. Let the sun shine in.  Keep the shades and blinds open during the day to let the sun help warm your home.
  3. Close off unused rooms.  If you have rooms that you do not use, close the doors to those rooms, and close the vents so heat can flow elsewhere.
  4. Bundle up.  Put on extra layers of clothes, and maybe add another blanket when you sleep.
  5. Turn the thermostat down.  When you are asleep or not at home, turn the thermostat a little lower – maybe even as low as 63 degrees Fahrenheit.  Lowering the thermostat by 10 degrees can help you save up to 10% on your heating.  
  6. Seal doors and windows.  If your doors and windows are not tightly sealed, cold air from the outside can seep in.  Make sure your doors and windows are closed and sealed.
  7. Seal and clean your ducts.  Warm air can escape from your ducts if they are not properly sealed.  And if they are dirty, the ducts can lose their effectiveness.  Additionally, dirty and unhealthy air can enter your home. Minimize heat loss by sealing ducts.
  8. Make sure vents are not blocked.  If furniture is blocking the air flow, that will cause your furnace or heating system to work harder.
  9. Be a fan of fans.  Ceiling fans are not just to keep the room cooler in the summer.  Reverse the fans so the blades turn clockwise.  This allows warm air to travel down the walls, making the room feel warmer.
  10. Make sure your home is properly insulated.  This will reduce heat loss through the roof and walls.
  11. Consider space heaters.  If you spend a significant amount of time in one room, a space heater will allow you to keep that room warm while lowering the thermostat.
  12. Consider a humidifier.  A humidifier will add moisture.  Humid air feels warmer than dry air, allowing you to keep the thermostat set a little lower.

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