Travel to Florida, and you can visit the Fountain of Youth, the area where legend says Ponce de Leon found his life-enhancing spring. You may want to dip your toe into these sulfurous waters for your own health, but you don’t need to drive your AC unit south to increase its life span. Just follow these installation and maintenance tips to keep your system humming along well into its prime.


To realize the average 12- to 15-year life span of an AC system, you must begin by properly installing the unit.

Purchase a system with the correct capacity for your home, size the ducts for the need, and provide the correct number of supply and return air registers;


Use this checklist to perform routine maintenance to lengthen the life of your AC system.

You may not believe the legend of Ponce de Leon and his fountain of youth, but you can schedule an appointment to properly install and regularly maintain your AC system, lengthening its lifespan.