“The Internet is slow.”  How often have you or a member of your family said that? Chances are quite frequently, given that numerous people in your house use the Internet at the same time, whether they are Zooming, working, streaming, gaming or just browsing. So, if you think your Internet speed is slow, here are some tips that may help speed things up.

  1. Close unused programs. If you have programs open that you are not using, they could be slowing things down. Some software applications, such as Windows Update, run in the background and should not be closed. But other programs, especially games and other programs that work with video, use significant bandwidth, and should be closed when not being used. 
  2. Avoid signal interference. Wi-Fi network connections can perform poorly due to signal interference from anything from household appliances to neighbors’ wireless networks. To check if network interference is causing the problem, connect your computer to a wired network and see if there is a difference. If there is, try moving your computer closer to the router and change your Wi-Fi channel number. If that does not help, consider a mesh network or a signal repeater. Also, dense objects such as fireplaces can block a Wi-Fi signal. So, try not to position your computer between the wireless router and a dense object.
  3. Check your network equipment. If your routers, modems, or cables are not working properly, that will have a major impact on connectivity. You can troubleshoot the problem by reconfiguring your equipment. For example, try bypassing the router, swapping cables, and testing with multiple devices. This might help you determine whether equipment needs to be upgraded, repaired, or replaced.
  4. Worms and other malware. A worm will infect your computer and generate traffic without your knowledge. To combat this:
    1. Regularly scan for viruses and other malware.
    2. Keep anti-virus software running.
    3. Use a malware-removal tool.
  5. Check router settings. Make sure your router’s settings are consistent with the recommendations from the manufacturer and your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  6. Check network speed. Occasionally check the speed of your Internet connection. There are numerous speed tests available online. If the incoming speed is not what your ISP promised, contact the ISP. 

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