If you are like just about everybody else, you’re relying on the Internet more than ever. You’re using Zoom and other platforms to hold business meetings, to celebrate holidays and birthdays with friends and family, and to otherwise stay connected. Your kids may be using these tools for remote schooling, while you’re using streaming services to binge watch TV shows and movies.

So obviously you want to make sure your Internet is up for the challenge. If you suspect it isn’t, here are some thoughts.

What’s Coming into Your House?

You’ve probably seen the commercial with the unhappy couple complaining that their Internet Service Provider (ISP) is not delivering on promised speed despite “living” with it for years. The ISP is characterized by a surly guy who responds: “don’t you have like a hot Pilates class to get to or something?”

So start by checking the speed coming into your house from your Internet Service Provider, which is likely your cable company.

  1. Know what the speed should be, either by checking a bill or with your ISP.
  2. Perform a test through a site like Speedtest.net. Stop any heavy use activities such as downloads, streaming, etc. before you do.
  3. If the speed you are getting is not what you should be getting, call your ISP or look into other Internet Service Providers with faster download speeds.
  4. If the speed you are getting is what you should be getting and you are not satisfied, check with the ISP or other local Internet providers in Chicago to see if they have a package with a faster Internet connection speed.

Tips to Improve Internet Speed in Your Home

There are numerous things you can do to try to improve Internet speed once the Internet is in your Chicago home.

  1. Limit the number of devices using the Internet at one time. Of course, this may not be feasible with multiple people needing access at any time during the day.
  2. The Internet comes into your home through a modem/router which connects to your Wi-Fi network that wirelessly connects your devices to the Internet. You may be able to improve speed by connecting the modem/router directly to a device. Of course, that only works if the device can be placed by the modem/router.
  3. If you cannot do that, try to place the device as close to the modem/router as possible.
  4. Place the modem/router somewhere in your Chicago home that will allow for maximum reach. For example, in a three-story home, your wireless network may work better if the modem/router is placed on the second floor. Wherever you put it, make sure the modem/router is in a clear and open spot and not, for example, in a cabinet.
  5. Try Wi-Fi extenders. Placed strategically, wireless extenders can help provide connectivity throughout the home.
  6. When in doubt, contact a professional. A computer connectivity expert can look at your entire setup (inside and out), diagnose problems and then recommend and implement solutions.

Contact Ravinia Plumbing, Sewer, Heating & Electric for Internet Connectivity Services

If your high-speed internet connection is slow and you’re struggling to fix it, contact Ravinia Plumbing for high-speed internet service in Chicago. Our technicians can provide an analysis of existing equipment, incoming signal strength, and Wi-Fi network and make recommendations to improve connectivity.