You budgeted, saved, researched and took the leap to invest in a new AC system for your home. Now you can sit back and enjoy escaping the heat and humidity of the season. But how long can you expect this AC unit to last? Can you do anything to lengthen the life of your system?

Experts say the average life of an air conditioning system is around 15 years; some brands claim to keep you cool up to 20 summer seasons. Two key ingredients will help your AC unit stand the test of time – proper installation and routine maintenance.

Proper Installation

To ensure that your AC unit is set up and installed correctly, remember the following:

Routine Maintenance

As with all appliances, routine maintenance lengthens the life of your AC unit. Consider the following list when servicing your air conditioning system:

When to Call a Professional

It’s important to hire an HVAC professional for bigger maintenance and inspection tasks like:

You can enjoy the wonderful service of your newly installed AC unit for many years by paying attention to two important things – proper installation and routine maintenance.