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How Long Should Things Last?

How Long Should Things Last?

“How long should it last?”  That’s a question we ask when we buy pretty much anything.  Below we provide some estimates of how some common household products should last.  A few caveats:

  1. These are estimates and results can vary widely.
  2. To make sure you know when a product’s useful life may end, you need to know when it began. So save receipts and keep a record.  On some items, such as your furnace or AC unit, you can actually tape the purchase date on the unit.
  3. If you don’t take care of the items (annual maintenance, cleaning, etc.), they won’t last as long.


Estimated Life




9-13 years

Electric range

13-15 years

Gas oven

10-18 years

Gas stove

15-17 years


9-10 years


9 years

Washing machine

5-15 years


12-13 years



Central air conditioner

15 years

Window unit air conditioner

8-12 years


15 years

Heat pump

10-15 years


30 years

Electric radiant heater

30 years



Kitchen sinks (enamel cast iron)

50 years

Kitchen faucets

15 years

Bathroom shower enclosures

40 years



Shower doors

20 years


Unlimited (parts will wear out)

Whirlpool tubs

20-30 years

Water heater (tank)

6-12 years

Water heater (tankless)

20 years

Electrical, lighting


Copper plated wiring, co and safetypper clad aluminum and bare copper wiring


Electrical accessories and lighting controls

10+ years

Smoke alarms

9 years

Fire extinguisher

10 years

Cabinets and countertops


Kitchen cabinets

50 years

Medicine cabinets

20 years

Bathroom cabinets


Cultured marble countertops

20 years

Natural stone countertops




Roof (asphalt shingles – 3-tab)

20 years

Roof (asphalt shingles – architectural)

30 years

Roof (metal)

40-80 years

Roof (wood)

25 years

Roof (slate)

60-150 years


30 years (power wash annually to extend life)

Garage door openers

10-15 years


20 – 35 years (can vary based on climate; sealing will extend life)

Sprinkler system

20 years

Windows and doors


Aluminum windows

15-20 years

Wooden windows

30 years +

Exterior fiberglass, steel and wood doors


Vinyl doors

20 years

French doors

30-50 years

Screen doors

40 years

Closet doors


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