OK, so you can change the filter in your furnace. And maybe even install a Wi-Fi thermostat. But for the vast majority of HVAC activities, you are probably better off hiring an HVAC technician. Here are a few reasons.

Why You Need an HVAC Professional

  1. Safety first. Most heating systems use dangerous gasses to keep the right temperature in your home. Make a mistake and you expose yourself and your family to potential lethal harm. Additionally, your air conditioner most likely interacts with your electrical system, so you really need someone who is properly trained to work with circuit breakers and other electrical components.
  2. Save time. You may think you can save time by doing things yourself. But make a mistake, and the time you thought you could save will disappear, and the problem will take even longer to fix.
  3. Save money. You may try to save money by doing something yourself. But mess up, and it will cost you more – likely much more – in the long run. Hiring a professional to begin with will eliminate that risk.
  4. Peace of mind. When you hire a pro with a proven track record, you have the peace of mind of knowing things will be done right the first time.
  5. In case of emergency. And if there is an issue, many HVAC companies have 24/7 emergency service. They’re there when you need them.
  6. Skill. While professional HVAC technicians in Illinois do not need to be licensed, they do undergo quite a bit of training so they can diagnose and then fix even the most complex of issues. And that learning is never-ending, as they keep up to date on the newest techniques and technologies.
  7. The right tools. HVAC servicing is complex. A professional technician, in addition to having the right skill set, will also have the necessary tools, gauges and gadgets for HVAC repair, HVAC maintenance and HVAC installation service.
  8. Insurance. The most reputable HVAC professionals are fully insured against something going wrong on the project, and in case the technician is injured in your home.
  9. Local knowledge. HVAC technicians are familiar with building codes, ordinances and regulations.
  10. Warranty protection. Many heating and cooling system warranties will not be honored if maintenance is not done by a professional

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