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Hiring a Plumber

Hiring a Plumber

When you are shopping for something you don’t know a lot about, from buying a car to selecting a plumber or other contractor, you have to trust that whoever you are hiring knows what they are doing and aren’t trying to rip you off.  When you hire a service company for plumbing (as well as heating and cooling or electrical), we hope you’ll choose us.  But before you choose a plumber, do your due diligence:

  1. References.  Talk to people you trust.  Find out who they have used, and whether they like them and trust them.  Ask about work quality, reliability, honesty, etc.
  2. Check online reviews.  Your best bet is sources like Better Business Bureau or Angie’s List.  Sure, you will find some negative reviews. See how the company responds, but be wary of a company that has more negative than positive reviews.
  3. Make sure the plumber is licensed.  It is OK to request a copy of their State Contractor’s License as well as the license of the person performing the work.
  4. Make sure the plumber has adequate insurance…both worker’s comp and general liability.  It is OK to ask for a copy of their certificate of insurance.
  5. Find out how long the plumber has been in business.  The longer the better.
  6. See if the plumber is a member of organizations such as The National Association of Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Contractors as well as their state and local associations.  Be wary of anybody that does not belong to at least one of these organizations.
  7. Check the quality of products the plumber installs (you can also research manufacturers if you are not sure).
  8. Price.  Of course, price is a function of numerous variables.  If you receive several quotes and one if quite lower than the rest, be wary.  And walk away from a company that pressures you to “buy now.”
  9. Warranty.  In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, does the plumber guarantee its work, and for how long?
  10. Walk, do not run, from any plumber that:
    a. Does not have a physical address
    b. Does not have a Website
    c.  Makes you get permits
    d. Only accepts cash
    e. Provides an estimate before seeing a job
    f. Offers only lifetime warranties (only as good as the plumber stays in business)
    g. Requires a large down payment for materials, or complete payment upfront

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