Most people do not know it, but plumbers install and repair gas piping.  Gas piping can be very beneficial.  Consider these examples:

Each appliance has a minimum input demand measured in BTUs per hour.  The chart below shows some typical requirements.


Minimum Demand of Typical Gas Appliances in BTUs Per Hour
Appliance Demand in BTU/hour
Barbecue (residential) 40,000
Domestic clothes dryer 35,000
Domestic Gas Range 65,000
Domestic Recessed Oven Section 25,000
Fireplace Gas Log 80,000
Gas Refrigerator 3,000
Storage Water Heater, 30-40 gallon tank 35,000
Storage Water Heater, 50 gallon tank 50,000


But installing gas piping is not an easy task. 

For all these reasons, it is strongly suggested that you use a professional for this complex task.