Do you know what they call the medical student who ranked lowest in his graduating class? That’s right – “Doctor.” The same logic could be applied to electricians. Do you want the individual who barely passed his certification or who has no license at all? Never! Improperly wired homes risk fire and other serious hazards. But how do you find a reliable, professional, licensed electrician in the Chicagoland area?

Here are some tips for finding a good electrician. 

  1. Go to the Better Business Bureau, and check out contractors’ information with respect to licensing, insurance, visual proof, time in business, workers’ compensation, complaints, violations, best business practices, self-disclosure, and customer satisfaction. Determine if these complaints raise red flags for your project.
  2. Discuss the professional’s experience. Electricians often specialize in one or more fields. Ask how long the electrician has been in business and what percentage of his experience falls in your area of need. 
  3. Confirm the electrician carries, at a minimum, liability insurance. If the professional employs other electricians, ensure his employers are covered under a worker’s compensation policy if these individuals will be working on your project.
  4. Check references. Ask the electrician for references you can call to verify their satisfaction with the professional’s work. You may also consult organizations like Angie’s List, Best Pick Reports and Google Home Services to read recommendations and ratings for contractors.

You would not trust your health to a poorly educated physician; likewise, you don’t want to trust critical electrical home repairs to a poorly rated electrician.