When it’s raining and it’s pouring, which occurs frequently this time of year, you don’t want your sump pump to be snoring.  You need it to be alert.  Otherwise, you may wake up to a flooded basement.

Unfortunately, sump pumps don’t last forever, even with proper maintenance.  Here are some signs you need to have yours replaced.

  1. Water in the basement. This is the obvious one.  But before you assume it is the sump pump, test it to make sure.  Also make sure your sewer line is not clogged.
  2. While sump pumps don’t snore, a failing one may make strange noises such as squeaking, rattling, or grinding.  This could indicate the motor is malfunctioning.
  3. Constant running. If the pump keeps running ever after the basin is empty, there is a problem with the level control.
  4. Other cycling issues. There are a few cycling issues to look for.
    1. The pump takes a long time to cycle.
    2. The pump cycles in sporadic bursts.
  5. If your sump pump vibrates excessively, it is likely due to a problem with the impeller (the part of the pump that draws water into the pump).
  6. Motor not working. This could be a sign that the motor has failed.  But also make sure the motor isn’t unplugged or the circuit breaker hasn’t switched off.
  7. Rust or corrosion. Visible rust can occur as the pump is constantly in contact with water.  The mineral deposits from the rust will ultimately damage the system.
  8. Old age. The lifespan of a good sump pump is about seven years.  If your pump is approaching that age, you may want to eliminate the risk of it failing and purchase a new one even if it seems to be working fine.

Final note: of course, make sure you also have a battery backup pump.  This will provide critical protection if your main pump does fail, if you lose power, or if water is entering the pump basin faster than can be removed by the primary pump.

Ravinia Plumbing, Sewer, Heating & Electric Can Help You with Sump Pumps

The licensed plumbers at Ravinia Plumbing can help you determine whether you need a new sump pump.  They can either repair the existing one or help you select and then install a new one (as well as a battery backup if needed).  Our customers have relied on us since 1928 (that’s 96 years!) for quality products, knowledgeable technicians, and superior service, including 24/7/365 emergency service. That is why we’ve made a name for ourselves as the most trusted plumbing, sewer, heating and air conditioning, and electrical company in Chicagoland. Contact Ravinia Plumbing today to schedule an appointment.