“What kind of showerhead should I get?”  It’s not the world’s most pressing problem, but if you’re building a home, remodeling a bathroom, or just need a new showerhead, it is a question that requires some thought. 

Last month, we talked about rain showerheads as a great idea for when you are remodeling your bathroom. But there are so many more options. Here they are.

  1. Fixed. This is the standard showerhead that is attached to the shower arm that comes out of the wall. Fixed showerheads can come with numerous features, like different spray patterns. They are also easy to replace.
  2. Handheld. Handheld showerheads sit on a cradle and attach to a hose. When you shower, you remove the showerhead from the cradle and use the hose to manually direct the water. These are not only good for cleaning you, but they are also good for showering children and pets and can even be used to wash tubs. Hoses between 60 inches and 72 inches work well, but to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, they must be at least 84 inches long.
  3. Dual. These combine the best features of fixed and hand-held showerheads. The showerhead is mounted in the wall, but there is a “wand” you can pull out to make it hand-held. These wands can come with multiple spray patterns. 
  4. Massage or spray pattern. These showerheads offer a variety of spray patterns including pulse, rain, aeration, mist, and jet, among others.
  5. Body sprayers. Body sprayers use multiple sprayers installed in the walls. These multiple sprayers hit various parts of your body. These are usually installed during construction or remodeling because they require a special type of shower valve installed inside the wall. 
  6. Rain. As discussed last month, rain showerheads can be installed in the ceiling and “rain” down on you. 
  7. Water saving. Standard showerheads dispense approximately 2.5 gallons of water a minute. In comparison, water-saving showerheads use as little as one gallon per minute. Many of these showerheads are aerated and then boosted to make it seem like they are dispensing more water, making them especially good if you have low water pressure. 
  8. Slide bar. While not a showerhead, a slide bar can be mounted to the wall to allow you to easily adjust the height of the showerhead. This can be helpful if you want to adjust the height for different family members, or when you want to keep the water low to avoid getting your hair wet. 

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