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Differences in Flood Control Systems

Differences in Flood Control Systems

1.     Standpipes:

a.     Benefits:  Inexpensive, installed into basement floordrain(s).

b.    Drawbacks:  If you do not have a sump pump the drain tile can still flood the house.  Use can put back pressure on the sewer and cause damage.  Home may still get water from seepage under the floor through cracks.  Standpipes can be unsightly and in the way.  You may not be able to use your sewer while flooding is in process.


2.     Backwater Valve:

a.    Benefits:  Not to costly. Installed inside the house. Some models can be manually closed.

b.    Drawbacks:  Swing gate may not work automatically due to sticking or fouling.  If you do not have a sump pump, the drain tile can still flood the house.  Requires annual maintenance.  Sticks out of the floor and may be unsightly and in the way.  Requires opening and patching the floor.  Cannot use your sewer while the swing gate is closed.  Due to potential sticking of the valve think of the system as manual.


3.    Flood Control Pump:

a.    Benefits:  Will pump your house sewer and drain tile during flooding.  Does not disrupt the interior of your home.  You will not flood if everything is working.  Can use your sewer during flooding.

b.    Drawbacks:  Quite expensive.  Requires excavation in the yard and landscaping repair.  Needs semi-annual or annual maintenance.  Swing gate may not work automatically due to sticking or fouling.  This system uses an ejector pump which requires electricity and will require periodic repair or replacement.


4.    Overhead Sewer:

a.    Benefits:  Most foolproof flood protection.   In order to have the city sewer back up in your house it would have to be at the level of your lowest first floor fixture.  With properly maintained equipment and a battery operated back up sump pump you have maximum protection.  Separates your drain tile from the house sewer.  Basement plumbing is no longer tied into the city sewer directly but empties into an ejector basin with pump.  Can use your sewer during flooding.

b.    Drawbacks:  Installation may require the addition of an ejector and / or sump pump to the house which will need maintenance, repair and eventual replacement.  We recommend that you also consider adding a battery operated back-up sump pump to eliminate the risk of flooding due to an electrical power outage.  Because a lot of the work is inside the house other decorating repairs may be needed.  Requires excavation on the outside of the house where the sewer exits the building.


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