Wood furniture can be quite beautiful and add to the charm of your home.  But wood furniture can also be expensive.  So you will want to take good care of your investment.  Here are some tips.

  1. Great care starts at the point of purchase.  Make sure you get care and cleaning instructions when you buy your furniture.
  2. “Location, location, location” is not just for real estate.  It also applies to wood furniture.  Do not place furniture where direct sunlight can hit it, such as under a window.  Also place it away from radiators, vents and air conditioning units.  
  3. Do not put plastic or rubber materials on wood furniture, as they may contain ingredients that can damage the finish.  Other things than can harm the finish include hot dishes, beverages, flowerpots and vases.  Protect the furniture by placing pads, cloth, felt or coasters under the items.
  4. Do not slide items across the furniture
  5. Clean up spills right away by using a blotting motion.
  6. If you need to write on the furniture, put a pad over the furniture.  Pens scratch.
  7. Dust frequently in the direction of the grain with a clean, soft, cloth or a feather duster.  You can wet the cloth slightly (don’t put the water directly on the furniture), but blot any excess moisture immediately.  
  8. You will occasionally need to clean the wood.  Do not use oily polishes or waxes, or products containing silicone.  Products to consider include Orange Glo Wood Cleaner & Polish, and Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner & Preservative.  When you clean, clean in the direction of the grain with a moist, clean, soft cloth.  
  9. Every six months, remove soil buildup by applying a 50/50 mixture of warm water and ammonia-free detergent with a soft cloth. Wipe it clean with a cloth dampened with warm water.  Then blot it dry.