Porcelain and fireclay fixtures can add beauty to any room in the house, be it the kitchen, the bathroom, or even the laundry room. Fireclay is particularly popular for kitchen, bathroom and laundry room sinks, while porcelain also is desirable for lavatories, toilets and bidets.

Porcelain and fireclay are both forms of vitreous china.  Porcelain fixtures are made by baking a refined mixture of clay and other minerals at a high temperature after glazing. Porcelain is naturally mildew and bacteria-resistant with a non-porous surface that is ideal for maintaining sanitation, making it a natural for lavatory sinks and toilets. Fireclay is also molded from a clay and mineral mixture, but it is fired at a higher temperature than vitreous china/porcelain which gives it greater resistance to heat.  Hence its popularity for kitchen sinks. 

Both porcelain and fireclay require care to prevent the finish from becoming dull, discolored or scratched.  Here are some tips for caring for your fixtures.

Lavatories, Toilets & Bidets

Kitchen Sinks