Last month we talked about the various types of showerheads.  And while selecting the right type of showerhead is very important, there are other factors as well.  Here are a few things to consider when buying a showerhead.


  1. Since you spend as much as two days a year in the shower over the course of a year, you want an enjoyable experience (in addition to getting clean).  So, check out things like water flow and the height of the showerhead.
  2. Spray settings. What spray pattern do you like?  Mist?  Rain? Massage?  There are numerous choices.  Make sure you have spray patterns to satisfy all members of your household.
  3. Water pressure. You don’t want too much pressure, but you also don’t want too little.  Make sure whatever you install provides the right amount of pressure for you.
  4. There are numerous materials to choose from:
    1. Plastic is the most common. Plastic showerheads will not get hot, so they are good for handheld fixtures.
    2. Brass is durable and comes in a multitude of darker finishes.
    3. Bronze is also durable and is available in numerous darker finishes.
    4. Chrome is affordable and easy to clean.
    5. Nickel does not scratch or tarnish, comes in a variety of finishes, and is easy to clean.
  5. Last, but not least, is the price. As you can see, with this wide variety of options, you can spend as little as a few bucks, or $1,000 or more.  Just one more piece of the puzzle.


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