You undoubtedly have seen the Better Business Bureau BBB stickers on numerous businesses.  But just because they display the sticker does not mean they have earned the BBB’s highest rating of A+
We are very proud of the A+ rating we have received from the Better Business Bureau for the past five years. Here is how we (or any other business that has it) earned it.
The BBB rates businesses on seven broad criteria.  The best score you can get is 100.  To earn the A+ rating, you need a score of 97 or higher.  Here are the seven criteria:
  1. Business complaint history.  This takes into account the number of complaints filed with the BBB, the BBB’s assessment of the business’ response, the recency of the complaints, and the size of the business.
  2. Type of business.  The rating can be lowered if the BBB believes it is the type of business that raises concerns or is believed to be operating in violation of the law.
  3. Time in business.  
  4. Transparent business practices.  The rating can be lowered if the BBB believes the business does not provide complete information about its products, services or ownership, or if the business uses false addresses or the address cannot be determined.
  5. Failure to honor BBB commitments.  This includes commitments to abide by a mediation settlement or arbitration award.
  6. Licensing and government actions.  The BBB can lower a rating if it has knowledge of the following:
    a. Failure of the business to have required competency licensing
    b. Government actions that raise questions about the business’ ethics or reliability of its products or services
  7. Advertising issues including misuse of the BBB name or marks, or questions about the truthfulness, accuracy or substantiation of advertising claims or compliance with the BBB Code of Advertising.  
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