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Benefits of Being a Plumber

So it’s career decision time. You’re exploring your options and someone says to you “How about becoming a plumber?” Your response: “Why?” Here are 10 reasons.

  1. Job security. Plumbers, like most other trades, are always in demand. Plumbing companies are always looking for good plumbers. And job growth in plumbing is expected to exceed the overall job growth in the country, reflecting the growth in both residential and commercial construction and building renovations. Additionally, more and more plumbers will be retiring in the coming years, creating even greater demand.
  2. Good pay. Plumbers make good money, whether they are employed by a company or independent contractors. In fact, they are among the highest paid trades people. As you work your way up and become a master plumber, you can enjoy a higher salary, more job flexibility and more opportunities. If you are a union plumber, you also have access to great benefits such as health insurance, retirement benefits, etc.
  3. Be your own boss. While you can work for a company, many plumbers either work as sole proprietors or start their own company. This allows for great flexibility, as well as the satisfaction of building something of your own on your own.
  4. You’re helping people. People need their toilets to flush, their water heaters to generate hot water, and their drains and sewer lines to flow. Your ability to help them both improves their quality of life and safeguards their health.
  5. Job variety. You’re not just sitting at a desk; you’re out every day, performing a variety of tasks.
  6. Stimulating. Every job is a puzzle, and you use your brain figuring out the best way to solve it.
  7. Relatively low cost of entry. You don’t need tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars to become a plumber, unlike going to a four-year college and then possibly graduate school. Plus, when you are done, no student loan debt. Finally, most likely you will have an apprenticeship, so you can make money while you are learning.
  8. Social interaction. You meet new people from all walks of life every day.
  9. Respect. People recognize that plumbing is a skill, and are grateful when you successfully do a job for them.
  10. No more plumbing bills. Last and maybe least, when you are a plumber, you really will be qualified to do those do it yourself jobs.

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