At least twice a year, you have an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) technician come to your house to perform routine maintenance on your furnace and your AC unit. You’ll notice that these folks really like their jobs. That’s because there are numerous financial and non-financial benefits. Here are a few:

Financial Benefits

  1. Great pay. The latest figures show the average hourly wage for an HVAC tech in Illinois is $26.67. That comes to more than $55,000 a year. Plus, with experience and overtime, you could make a lot more than that – $80,000 or more.
  2. In addition to the wages, union techs enjoy a variety of benefits, ranging from retirement benefits to health and disability insurance to paid time off.
  3. Affordable entry. You don’t need a six-figure education at a four-year college to become an HVAC tech. At the upper end, the training required will cost less than $20,000, and will usually be less than that.
  4. Earn while you learn. On your way to becoming an HVAC tech, you will have the opportunity to serve as an apprentice, so you can make money while you are going through training.

Non-Financial Benefits

  1. Career advancement. There are numerous opportunities to advance your career through advanced training, specialized certifications, and plain on the job experience. Of course, that career elevation could also mean more money.
  2. Job security. HVAC techs are and will continue to be in demand due to both new construction and maintenance, repair, and installation in existing homes and businesses.
  3. Problem solving. You’ll have to think on the job. You’ll need your technical skills to determine why equipment is experiencing problems, and either figure out whether to fix those problems or recommend a new unit. And if it is a new unit, you will need to advise on what unit to get.
  4. You’ll never be bored because you will always do something a little different. And if you don’t want to be stuck in the office, this is the profession for you.
  5. Stay active. You will always be on the go.
  6. Work anywhere. HVAC techs are needed all over the country. Want to move closer to family? Or enjoy a friendlier climate? There are opportunities everywhere.
  7. Improve the environment. Your work has the additional benefit of helping the environment. When you make a system run more efficiently, you are reducing the carbon footprint.
  8. Earn respect. Your customers know what you do is important, and that it requires special skills. They will respect you for that.
  9. Job satisfaction and happiness. Put all these benefits together, and you will enjoy your job.

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