Many of the most ardent DIYers will stop short of doing electrical work.  They understand a mistake not only can be costly, but also dangerous.  And that is why there is such a great demand for electricians.  If you or someone you know is undecided on a career path, here are 10 of the many benefits you receive when you become an electrician.

  1. Great pay. A licensed electrician can make a very good salary and, in fact, electricians and electrical contractors on average make more than other trades.  In Illinois, the average salary for an electrician is around $30 an hour.  Spread that over a 2,000-hour year, and that is $60,000.  Add in perhaps another $10,000 in overtime and you are looking at really nice compensation.  Of course, as you gain experience, you can expect a higher salary.  Some journeyman electricians and master electricians can earn a total compensation including overtime of more than $100,000.
  2. Benefits.  While benefits for an electrical contractor will vary, if you are a member of a union, you can also expect to receive benefits such as paid time off, health and disability insurance, and retirement benefits.  
  3. Job security.  People will always need electricians, no matter the economy.  The demand for electricians is expected to grow 9% in the next decade.  For an electrician in Illinois, there are thousands of openings including a range of electrician apprenticeship program offerings.
  4. Low cost of entry.  You don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a college education.  With a high school diploma or equivalency, you can enter an apprenticeship program. You can, of course, go to a community or technical college to get advanced training.  
  5. Earn while you learn.  Before you become a licensed electrician, you will need to serve as an apprentice under the close supervision of a licensed electrician.  Many of these programs, however, will pay you, so you are making money as you learn.
  6. Career advancement.  You also can get training on specialized areas that will help advance your career.  These include:
    1. Electrical assembler
    2. Solar panel electrician
    3. Automotive electrician
    4. Industrial electrician
    5. Electrical designer
  7. Interesting and diverse work.  As an electrician, you will never be bored.  Every day may be different, but they all will require you to use problem-solving skills and think on your feet.  Here are just a few of the things you will be asked to do:
    1. Install electrical equipment and systems.
    2. Repair electrical devices and systems.
    3. Maintain those same devices and systems.
    4. Develop blueprints for electrical systems.
    5. Inspect electrical systems for malfunctions or safety hazards.
    6. Replace old or damaged electrical equipment.
  8. You are out and about.  If you do not want to sit in an office all day, this job is for you.  In addition to the thinking skills required, expect to move around, climb ladders, lift equipment and more.  So the job is both mentally and physically challenging. 
  9. Instant gratification.  No waiting days, weeks or months to see results.  You can often see the fruits of your labor immediately.
  10. Respected work.  People understand the work you do is important and requires a significant skill set.  As a result, your work will be greatly respected.  

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