Benefits of Being a Plumber | Why Should I Become A Plumber
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Benefits of Becoming a Plumber

Benefits of Becoming a Plumber

A recent article in The Chicago Tribune cited a growing shortage of skilled workers such as plumbers, electricians and carpenters.  More experienced and older workers are retiring, and there are often not enough younger people coming in to fill the vacancies.  At the same time, demand for these types of services is increasing.

But why become a plumber?  Here are a few reasons of becoming a plumber.

  1. You can make a good living.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a plumber in 2016 was more than $50,000.  Plumbers in the Chicago area earn $60,000 to $100,000 a year. That far exceeds that of the average college graduate.  Union plumbers also enjoy nice benefit packages.
  2. Inexpensive education.  You can train to be a plumber at a vocational school or community college.  No massive student loan debt.  Additionally, there are numerous apprenticeship programs that allow you to work and earn money at the same time you are learning the trade.  If you are accepted into a union apprenticeship, you work four days a week and get paid while attending school weekly.  You graduate with zero debt.
  3. Advancement.  You can work your way up to master plumber, foreman, superintendent, estimator, project manager, etc.,
  4. Opportunity.  You can choose to go into business for yourself.  
  5. You’ll never get bored.  You will constantly face new challenges.
  6. You get to meet lots of different people.  This includes people who can help advance your career.
  7. Job security.  People will always need plumbers, no matter the state of the economy.  Leaky toilets need fixing no matter the economic environment.
  8. You’re helping people.  People call a plumber because they need help – often in an emergency.  Do your job well, and your efforts will be appreciated.
  9. You help create and maintain our nation’s infrastructure.  Plumbers install all of the water, drainage, waste and vent, and gas piping systems in buildings of all types, along with municipal sewer and water services.
  10. Job satisfaction.  There is no greater reward than having your efforts acknowledged and appreciated.

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