There are many reasons to become an electrician. They include:

Speaking of easy career entry, how does one become an electrician in Illinois? Not a simple answer, since licensing is handled at the local level, and requirements can vary by county and/or municipality. But here are some general guidelines:

1. Apprenticeship and classroom training

Again, while requirements vary, a general rule is:

There are three routes to accomplish this:

2. Pass a test

Many states require people who have completed an apprenticeship to obtain a license or certificate to become an electrical journeyman. But in Illinois, many counties and cities skip this requirement. Still, you might want to consider taking the City of Chicago’s exam to document proof of your apprenticeship hours. Passing this test earns you Supervising Electrician Certification and will allow you to work for an existing electrical contractor. Requirements:

3. Become a licensed independent electrical contractor

If you want to strike out on your own, you will need to be licensed in any city or county where you plan on doing business. Here are the requirements for Cook County:

Once you receive your license, it will need to be renewed every year.