The need for plumbers is soaring. A few years ago, the United States Department of Labor predicted that the demand for plumbers would grow 14%.  But that was before COVID-19, which resulted in an even greater demand for plumbers, as well as other trades.

While hopefully we have seen the worst of the pandemic, there is still a need for plumbers.  

Benefits of Becoming a Plumber

Here are some of the benefits of becoming a plumber:

  1. Great pay. In Illinois, the average salary for a licensed plumber ranges between  $80,000 to $120,000. 
  2. Great benefits, too. If you are a union plumber, you can also receive excellent benefits such as health insurance, dental, vision and retirement benefits among other things, all at no cost to you.
  3. Job security. There will always be a demand for plumbers. Old houses and buildings need to be maintained and occasionally remodeled, and plumbing systems need to be installed in new construction.
  4. Low cost of entry. You’ve undoubtedly heard those horror stories about the cost of a college education being in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the associated student loan debt.  Not if you become a professional plumber. You can receive your education at a community college or vocational school. While receiving your education, you can also get an apprenticeship and be paid while going to school.
  5. Advancement. There are numerous opportunities to advance your career, such as becoming an estimator, master plumber, foreman, project manager, etc. Or you can go into business for yourself, with or without employees.
  6. You won’t be bored. You never know what the day will bring.  One day you can be repairing a leaky toilet or sink.  The next day it could be installing the piping for a house or building. The next day it could be installing a new water heater. But you won’t spend much time – if any – sitting behind a desk.
  7. You’re helping people. People need their plumbing systems to work, whether it is their garbage disposal, sewer line or water heater.
  8. You’re helping the community. Plumbers are responsible for much of a community’s infrastructure, including drainage, water, gas piping and waste and vent systems. 
  9. You’ll be respected. Most people cannot handle routine plumbing tasks, let alone complicated ones. So, your work will be appreciated. And that leads to one of the most important things – job satisfaction.

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