After having any type of commercial electrical work done, it is essential that an inspection be performed on all of the affected areas afterwards. Below are five tips to help ensure that you pass your commercial electrical inspection in the Chicago area.

#1 – Speak with Your Local Inspector Beforehand

When you schedule your commercial electrical inspection, it is recommended that you try to schedule an appointment to speak directly with the inspector who will be visiting your building. Although all inspectors will be required to work from the same checklist, some may have additional requirements that will need to be addressed and dealt with. This will also be a great way to get to know your local electrical inspector.

#2 – Pay Attention to Junction Boxes

Junction boxes must be installed in order to prevent electrical fires from breaking out, as they help protect electrical connections in commercial environments. These boxes are available in several different sizes and shapes to ensure that wiring of all different sizes can be accommodated.

All junction boxes must be easily accessible as well as visible to the naked eye. Wiring inside these units must also be at least 6 inches long, as this will make it easier to establish solid connections. Furthermore, no loose wires are permitted inside junction boxes – they must all be clamped on to the box to ensure that they do not move around.

#3 – Don’t Add New Electrical Items

Before the commercial electrical inspection takes place, you may be required to provide a detailed plan of all work that has been performed. Once this has been provided to your local council or municipal department, you must ensure that no additional electrical devices have been added or modifications have been made to wiring, power sockets or distribution boxes.

#4 – Ensure that All Cables are Secured

In a commercial environment, no cables are allowed to be laying loose anywhere. As a result, you will need to ensure that all exposed cables are enclosed in the proper conduit where applicable. The conduit will also need to be mounted securely.

#5 – Ensure that You Have All Appropriate Documentation on Hand

Failing to produce the appropriate documentation at the time of a commercial electrical inspection is usually the quickest way to fail it. Before you even think of scheduling your commercial electrical inspection in the Chicago area, you will not only need to ensure that you have all of the required paperwork on hand; it must also be 100% complete and accurate.

Adhering to the above-mentioned advice and following all instructions provided by your inspector will help ensure that your commercial property passes its electrical inspection the first time. Before agreeing to allow an inspector to check your property, it is essential to check that they are indeed from the appropriate authority or department. In cases where problems are found, you will be given a specific timeframe to address and rectify them.