Many people think that choosing a furnace is much like buying any other appliance – simply pick one and get it installed. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. Below are five important questions you need to ask your HVAC contractor when having your furnace replaced in Highland Park and other North Shore suburbs.

  1. What Size Unit is Needed for my Home?

Your professional contractor will be able to determine what size furnace is needed for your home by performing a load calculation. Factors such as the direction your home faces; the type of insulation it has and the amount, type and size of windows that are in your home. The size of your home in cubic feet will also be taken into consideration. Once the size of your home has been determined, the contractor will be able to provide you with appropriate furnace options.

  1. What Types of Furnaces can be Installed?

In most cases, natural gas furnaces are the least expensive option for heating your home.  While electric furnaces are also available, it is more expensive to run them because of the higher cost of electricity.

Variable-speed furnaces are able to adjust the speed of their blowers as they distribute air around your home in Chicago. They operate faster when outside temperatures are lower and slow down when it gets warmer. This ensures that the temperature inside your home remains as constant as possible. Fixed-speed or standard blowers turn completely on or off, rendering them less efficient.

  1. What Type of Maintenance Will Need to be Performed?

Many homeowners think that once a new furnace has been installed, they won’t have any maintenance to worry about. However, after installation, the air filter should be checked monthly and replaced when dirty – or every six months for thick media filters. An annual inspection should also be carried out by a qualified technician to ensure everything is running smoothly.

  1. What Other Expenses Will There Be at the Time of Installation?

In some cases, there could be added expenses – especially in older homes where electrical panels may need to be upgraded to accommodate the new furnace. This is also the time to consider whether you would like to have an air purifier or humidifier unit installed, as extra costs will apply if these units are installed at a later date.

  1. How Much Will My New Furnace Cost?

This will depend on the size, type and model of furnace you choose. It is impossible for a contractor to provide you with an accurate price or estimate unless they have inspected your home.

If you would like to upgrade your existing furnace to one that is more energy-efficient, give our team a call today. They will be more than willing to assist you in choosing the right model for your home in Highland Park and the North Shore of Chicago.