4 Questions to Ask your Furnace Repair Expert Today
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4 Questions to Ask your Furnace Repair Expert

4 Questions to Ask your Furnace Repair Expert

Having a furnace repaired can sometimes be a costly experience, depending on the work that needs to be done. Any work carried out on furnaces should be completed by an experienced and qualified technician as well. Below are five crucial questions you need to ask before deciding to hire a furnace repair person.

  1. Will company employees be doing the work or will it be outsourced to subcontractors?

Most reputable furnace repair and installation companies hire their own employees to ensure that the quality and standard of work is consistent at all times. While you may still have an excellent job performed if the company you want to use is hiring subcontractors, there is always the possibility of there being issues at a later stage – especially if you need to have the company come back to rectify or address a problem. As a result, it is normally best to hire a company that directly employs its own technicians.

  1. How long have you been in business?

These days, there are numerous furnace installation companies that come and go, with many of them only lasting a few months to a year or two at most. When searching for a furnace technician or company, it is strongly recommended that you choose one that has been in business for more than a few years. This will usually ensure that they will still be operating a few years down the line when your newly installed furnace requires its first round of maintenance or repair work.

  1. Do you offer after-hours emergency service?

Most homeowners are aware that furnace breakdowns or malfunctions frequently occur after regular working hours. This is why it is crucial to make use of a company that offers 24-hour emergency service. After all, you don’t want your family to sit around and freeze for hours or even days if your furnace decides to go out over a holiday weekend.

  1. Do you carry insurance?

Installing and repairing furnaces can be risky, which is why this work should only be carried out by qualified, experienced and insured technicians. This will help prevent you from being held liable in the event of anything going wrong during a furnace installation or repair.

Before choosing a furnace company, it is also essential that you search for online reviews. In the event of there being numerous negative reviews, it will be best to choose an alternative service provider. If you would like to find out more about having your furnace repaired or replaced, contact our professional team today.




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