Air Conditioning Repair in Arlington Heights, IL

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Summer in Arlington Heights can be unbearable without proper air conditioning. However, even the most reliable air conditioning systems can encounter problems and break down when we need them the most. Trying to fix the issue yourself can only worsen the problem and cost more money in the long run. At Ravinia Plumbing, Sewer, Heating & Electric, we understand the importance of quality air conditioning repair. Contact our team to schedule an AC repair appointment so you can enjoy a comfortable home.

Common Air Conditioner Issues

Your air conditioner is an essential part of your Arlington Heights, IL home’s HVAC system, especially when it’s hot and humid outside. However, like any piece of machinery, it can develop problems that may lead to costly repairs or even replacements. Here are a few of the most common air conditioner problems that homeowners face.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is the working substance that circulates through your AC unit extracting heat from the house. When it leaks, it can cause the air conditioner to perform poorly or not work at all. If you suspect a refrigerant leak, call in a professional to fix the problem and refill the refrigerant. Ignoring the issue will only lead to more expensive repairs down the line.

Faulty Capacitors

The capacitors are small components that help start and run the various motors in your air conditioner’s system. When they fail, your unit may not turn on or will shut off randomly. A trained technician can diagnose and repair capacitor problems.

Electrical Problems

Electrical issues, such as blown fuses or tripped breakers, can prevent your air conditioner from functioning properly. Don’t attempt to fix these issues on your own. Call an HVAC professional to inspect and repair the electrical components in your unit.

Drainage Problems

Your air conditioner’s condensate drain removes moisture from the unit. If it becomes clogged, water can back up and damage the unit or even cause water damage and/or mold growth. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning the drain and assuring proper drainage, can prevent this problem.


Don’t wait until your air conditioner breaks down to call in a professional. Regular maintenance can help prevent these common issues and keep your unit working efficiently. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, call us today to schedule a repair or inspection.

Signs You Need to Contact a Professional for Air Conditioner Repair

Worried that your air conditioning system may be experiencing issues? Here are some warning signs that indicate you should contact a professional for air conditioner repair:

  • Weak airflow or no air at all
  • Strange noises coming from the AC unit
  • Foul odors coming from the vents
  • Poor cooling performance
  • Water leakage around the furnace
  • High energy bills
  • Frequent cycling (turning on and off repeatedly)

Why Homeowners Shouldn’t Put Off Air Conditioner Repairs

Many homeowners tend to avoid air conditioner repair due to the cost and inconvenience it may cause. However, neglecting an air conditioning repair can only lead to more significant problems in the future. A simple repair may turn into a complete system breakdown, leading to additional expenses and more time without a functioning AC system. Furthermore, a faulty air conditioning system can cause respiratory problems, allergies, and mold growth. Don’t neglect your air conditioning system; call our experts at Ravinia Plumbing today.

Call a Professional Instead of Attempting DIY AC Repairs

Trying to fix your air conditioning system yourself can be tempting, especially with numerous DIY tutorials available online. However, attempting AC repairs by yourself can be dangerous and costly. Here are some benefits of calling a professional for AC repairs:

  • Saves time and money
  • Ensures your safety
  • Proper diagnosis and quality repair
  • Right tools and equipment
  • Prevents future issues

Why You Should Trust Ravinia Plumbing for Air Conditioning Repair in Arlington Heights, IL

At Ravinia Plumbing, we have a team of certified experts with years of experience in the air conditioning industry. We use the latest technology and tools to ensure quality service and customer satisfaction. Our team is available 24/7, so you can rely on prompt and efficient air conditioning repair services. Our customer reviews speak for themselves – we prioritize customer satisfaction and excellence in everything we do.

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Don’t let a broken AC system disrupt your summer comfort. Contact Ravinia Plumbing for reliable, expert air conditioning repair services in Arlington Heights. Our team is here to help you with all your air conditioning needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment.