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Water Filtration Systems to Remove Lead

Water Filtration Systems to Remove Lead

You’ve done your best to make sure there is no lead in the water that comes into your home. You’ve had it tested. You’ve made sure there is no lead in the solder and pipe fitting in your home. There are no brass valves or fixtures that could contain lead.

But if you want an extra degree of safety, you can install a water filter. They will not only remove lead, but also other types of contaminants Here are some thoughts.

First, make sure the filter you get is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). That certification should be on the label.

Second, understand the different types of water filtration methods to remove lead.

  • Activated carbon filtration absorbs heavy metals including lead, among others. These require filter cartridges that need replacement every six to 12 months. These systems also improve the taste, take up a small amount of space, and are very inexpensive, making this the most widely used method. The lead removing capabilities of the filters also erode over time.
  • Reverse osmosis systems use both carbon block filters plus a semi-permeable membrane that water is pushed through under pressure. Filters need to be changed every six to 12 months and have several different filter cartridges. These systems are more expensive and also waste water. For every gallon of water that is filtered, two to four gallons go down the drain. They also take up more space because they come with a storage tank. Reverse osmosis systems, however, provide a very high level of filtration.
  • Distillation provides very pure water but is the most expensive method to remove lead. This method also uses a lot of electricity and takes time to process.
  • Faucet mount units are installed right over the faucets and remove lead along with chlorine and other substances. They do not require electricity. The filter cartridges would need to be replaced frequently. While they are inexpensive, they are low quality filters.

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