By now, you’re all familiar with the phrase “smart home.” To refresh, a “smart home” is a home that has products that can be easily controlled at home or away from home via your smartphone or tablet. These products can save you money, and/or add to your home’s safety and security, and/or add to your comfort. and/or improve your health. Some products just make your life easier, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The table below lists several types of smart products, what they do, and how they benefit you.

Product What it Can Be Programmed to Do How You Benefit
Lighting Turn lights on and off, dim, and change color Saves you money by ensuring lights go on and off or dim at specified times
Window Dressings Open or close curtains and blinds Saves you money by opening and closing based on time of day
Thermostats Adjust temperature based on time, day, etc. Saves you money; adds to your comfort
Air Purifiers Adjust the power automatically based on the level of particulates in the air Protects your health
Leak Detection Notify you if there is a water leak Saves you money by preventing leaks; makes your home more secure
Alarms Turn on or off depending on whether you are home or away Makes your home more secure
Video Doorbells Show you when somebody Is at your door Makes your home more secure
Smoke Alarms Notify you if there is a smoke problem in your house; can also notify the fire department Makes your home more secure; protects your health
Carbon Monoxide Detectors Notify you if the carbon dioxide levels in your home rise to dangerous levels Makes your home more secure; protects your health
Refrigerators Let you see inside the appliance, let you know when you are out of something, and even suggest recipes Makes your life easier
Washing Machines Remotely turn on and off, adjust wash cycles, temperatures, etc. Saves you money by controlling water temperature and time of day
Televisions Allow you to record, download and watch programming remotely Makes your life easier


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