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Do you provide after hours service?

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  • Date: August 5, 2016

We provide after hours service for emergencies. That being said, different people have different definitions as to what constitutes an emergency. Unlike a fire department, we do not have plumbers, sewer, and HVAC technicians sleeping at our offices. For this reason, we have to be selective on what kind of calls we will dispatch after hours.  Our industry defines emergencies as a condition that poses risk to human life, health or potential damage to the home or business. Examples are a sewer back-up affecting the whole house, a failed sump pump that can result in a flood (having a battery back-up pump prevents an emergency), a burst pipe that cannot be turned off with an isolation valve, and loss of heat in a house. However if the home or business has more than one furnace or boiler, it is not an emergency as the structure will not freeze.  We realize that there are many other problems that arise which may seem like an emergency but really are a temporary inconvenience. For example, a stopped up kitchen sink is not an emergency as it does not pose a health risk or potential damage to the house. Folks can scrape plates into the garbage and stack up dishes or rinse them in a laundry tub one evening allowing us to get out during normal business hours.

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