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Do you carry parts on the truck?

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  • Date: August 5, 2016

Yes. We track which parts are required in 80% of our repairs and those parts are stocked on our trucks.  Additionally any parts that we use at least five times a year (across our 45 technicians) are stocked in our warehouse ready for immediate delivery to your job.  Unfortunately there are literally hundreds of thousands of parts in the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical industries and it is impossible to stock them all.  There is no supplier on the planet that stocks them all.  If a supplier has the parts locally, we can have them in the same or next day.  If the manufacturer is in the USA, we can usually obtain parts in one to three days if the customer wants to pay for next day shipment, or within a week if they don’t.  If the manufacturer is overseas, it can sometimes take weeks or months for parts to be placed onto a shipping container, trucked to a port, loaded onto an ocean-going ship, sailed half way across the globe, unloaded at a seaport, waiting to clear customs, trucked to a distribution center, shipped to a supplier, then delivered to us… all of which is completely outside of our control.

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