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10 Common Plumbing Problems

10 Common Plumbing Problems

Drip, drip, drip. No matter how tightly you turn the handle, the faucet keeps dripping. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. You jiggle the handle, but the toilet keeps running. These sounds are not music to the ears; they signal two of the most common plumbing problems. If you recognize any of the following problems, consider calling a licensed professional plumber to address them for you.

  1. Leaky Pipes – Water pipes can leak at joints, leaving a puddle under a pipe. 
  2. Dripping Faucets – Ignoring a dripping faucet adds unnecessary cost to your water bill. A damaged or worn washer or cartridge inside the faucet often causes the problem and must be replaced. 
  3. Slow Drains – Partially or completely clogged toilet, sink, shower, or tub drains will release water slowly, or not at all. 
  4. Running Toilets – You likely need to adjust or replace the fill valve, replace the flapper, or replace the flush valve that controls the flow of water from tank to the bowl. 
  5. Low Water Pressure – When water trickles rather than streams from your showerheads or faucets, you have a low water pressure problem. Sediment builds up on aerators, small screens located in faucets and showerheads. Old galvanized steel pipes rust internally. Or you may have a leak in the pipes between your house and the water main.
  6. Jammed Garbage Disposal – Dropping foreign objects into the disposal or attempting to dispose of the wrong food items such as any fibrous peels, or even running the disposal without running enough water can jam the appliance. 
  7. Faulty Water Heater – Your pilot light may be out or sediment may have built up in your heater.  A faulty thermostat, thermocouple, or pilot light can contribute to a faulty water heater, too. 
  8. Sewer System Backup – A clogged sewer line can cause sewage to back up and out of toilets, tubs, showers, or floor drains. Putting feminine hygiene products, wipes, or grease in toilets or sinks causes blockages. Tree roots can invade or crush pipes, and older sewer lines may collapse. 
  9. Overflowing Toilet – If the water continues to rise in the bowl when you flush the toilet, you likely have a clog in the toilet or in the pipe leading to the main sewer line.
  10. Burst Pipes – When water pipes become exposed to very cold temperatures, the water inside the pipes may freeze. The frozen water expands and puts pressure on the pipes causing them to burst. Corroded pipes or pipes that vibrate when faucets are turned on and off can wear and burst also. 

Some common plumbing problems are just annoying, but many of these issues can cause costly damage to your home and plumbing systems. Contact a licensed plumber to assess and solve the problem before major damage occurs. 

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